Contribute to the internet-based survey

Dear colleagues,

We would like to present to you the internet-based survey “ECFAS Project – Collection of users’ requirements”.

The H2020 ECFAS project aims to develop a European Coastal Flood Awareness System that could contribute to the evolution of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service. ECFAS will provide a solution to strengthen coastal resilience and reduce population and infrastructure exposure implementing tools and products that are fundamental to damage prevention, response and recovery if a storm hits.

The survey we are performing aims to collect information on potential ECFAS end-users to guide the development of the awareness system.

The survey tries to foster your engagement in the “ECFAS – end-users” relationship. If you believe you can be an ECFAS potential end-user we request your participation, as described below.

The end-users are a crucial part of ECFAS in a mutually beneficial process. By replying to the questionnaire, you can contribute to the definition of the end-users’ needs, providing your own perspective, so that ECFAS can address them in the design of the European Coastal Flood Awareness System.

If you want to know more, or if you want to participate in being an end-user of our system, contact us at [email protected].

The ECFAS team appreciates your collaboration.