Management Structure

The governance structure of ECFAS has three key organizational levels:

Coordination level: the Coordinator (Dr. Clara Armaroli – IUSS), will be assisted by the IUSS Project Management team for logistical and administrative issue; this level will ensure the coordination among partners and the EC;

Strategic level: Management Board and Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB); these experts will provide guidance and inputs to the optimization and monitoring of project activities and goals, considering and complementing the innovation in both academia and industry;

Operational level: Partner Assembly; this level will be functional to carry out the project’s activities and ensure an active dialogue among project partners and end-user communities.

ECFAS Consortium will comprise the following Governing Bodies:

1. The Project Coordinator (PC), Dr Clara Armaroli (IUSS), will be the ultimate responsible for the overall project coordination and will act as an intermediary between the Consortium and the European Commission;

2. The Scientific Assistant (SA), will assist the PC in coordinating the scientific aspects of the largest WPs of the project, i.e. WP3-WP4-WP5-WP6, liaising with the WP leaders, the participant partners and supervising the correct implementation of research activities;

3. The Project Management Team (PM), (IUSS), will assist the partners and the Coordinator in all the administrative and financial aspects;

4. The Management Board (MB) will comprise, in addition to the PC and SA, all WP Leaders to coordinate and monitor the work plan implementation;

5. A Core Services Exploitation Team (CSET), composed by members of the Copernicus Core service CMEMS (partners of the Consortium) and other members of involved Services (CLMS, CEMS and C3S). It will support the Coordination Committee Team and will be chaired by Dr. Angelique Melet (MOI). The involvement of a representative person of ESA is also foreseen;

6. The Partner Assembly (PA) acts as the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium dealing with the scientific and management control of project activities; it will be comprise one member for each partner and chaired by the Coordinator;

7. An external Users Board (USB) which will provide their expertise and feedback. The USB will be composed of representative persons of national Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs), to ensure improved decision making capacity and the tailored uptake of project resulting methodologies.