Mercator Ocean International (MOI), France

MOI is a non-profit company dedicated to ocean monitoring and forecasting. Between observation infrastructures and users, MOI ensures the continuity from research to oceanographic operational services. MOI delivers worldwide marine core services based on its high-resolution global ocean and European seas capacity for monitoring the ocean over the past decades, in real time and for forecasting the ocean state. Since 2014 MOI has managed the "Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service" (CMEMS) for the EU commission.


MOI leads WP4, which deals with coastal total sea level forecasts; inter-comparison of existing models to identify the optimal settings of total sea level modelling systems and for the identification of marine water level thresholds that could trigger coastal flooding.

Team Leader

Dr. Angelique Melet is a researcher with expertise on sea level changes and holds a PhD in physical oceanography. She also is a project scientist in the scientific direction of MOI and manages all R&D contracts related to the CMEMS service mid-term evolution activities. She contributes to the definition of the long-term scientific evolution of CMEMS.