Planetek Hellas (PKH), Greece

PKH is a Greek company, member of the Planetek Group, that operates in the fields of satellite remote sensing, spatial data infrastructure and software development for the “on board” and “ground” segment space applications. PKH provides solutions in the field of space research to public administrations, national and local governments, European institutions and agencies, environmental agencies, NGO’s etc. PKH’ s portfolio includes successful contracts with European Space Agency, EU SatCen, and European Space Astronomy Centre.


PKH leads WP3 and focuses on the exposure and vulnerability components of the coastal zones. PKH also contributes to WP7, by (i) analysing the exploitation and users’ uptake of the proposed ECFAS components; and (ii) analysing and documenting the protection of Intellectual Property Rights and the commercial refund of partner’s investments by ECFAS developed services.

Team Leader

Dr. Emmanouela Ieronymidi has a PhD in remote sensing and many years of experience with earth observation (EO) data, including Emergency Services (Copernicus Risk and Recovery Mapping Service, European Forest Fire Information System-EFFIS, Fire and Flood monitoring). She is Project Manager on EO for Emergency at PKH and has expertise in GIS and remote sensing.