University of the Aegean (UAEGEAN), Greece

Coastal Morphodynamics-Management and Marine Geology Laboratory, Department of Marine Sciences, University of the Aegean (UAEGEAN), Greece.

UAEGEAN is a public network University established on six islands of the Aegean archipelago. 

The Department of Marine Sciences (DMS) is situated on Lesbos Island. DMS carries out research on a broad range of subjects, such as coastal dynamics, climate change impacts, ecosystem functioning and health, ocean circulation, marine pollution, marine ecology and fisheries. The Coastal Morphodynamics-Management & Marine Geology Lab participates in ECFAS.


UAEGEAN leads WP2, playing a major role in the collation and analysis of user needs and the regulatory framework using bottom-up and top-down approaches. It also contributes to WP5, 6 and 7.

Team Leader

Prof. Adonis F. Velegrakis is professor in Marine Geology, specializing in coastal erosion and morphodynamics, modern coastal and marine sedimentation processes, climate change impacts on the natural and human coastal environment, and marine environmental law. He is a contributing expert to IPCC, UNEP, UNECE and UNFCCC, the UK and Greek Governments and the private sector.