40th IAHR World Congress

40th IAHR World Congress

40th IAHR World Congress

The 40th International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) World Congress will take place in Vienna, Austria from 21-25 August, 2023. 

The theme of the conference is “”Rivers – connecting mountains and coasts” and focuses attention on the importance of an integrated and intelligent approaches to the management of the full water cycle to address the global challenges.

Congress Key Topics

KEY TOPIC 1 River Research and Management
1a. River processes, monitoring and modelling
1b. Preservation and restoration of rivers
1c. Sustainable river management
1d. Transboundary river basin management
1e. Innovation in river engineering

KEY TOPIC 2 Deltas and Coastal Engineering
2a. Impacts of river basin changes on deltas and coasts
2b. River – estuary – sea interactions
2c. Coastal hydraulic engineering structures
2d. Inland and coastal lake management

KEY TOPIC 3 Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics
3a. River sediment management and morphodynamics
3b. Coastal and estuary morphodynamics
3c. Sediment transport, deposition and remobilisation
3d. Sediment (dis)continuity
3e. Sediment management in reservoirs and river basins

KEY TOPIC 4 Integrated Management of Extremes, Climate Change
4a. Rainfall-runoff processes and modelling, remote sensing
4b. Integrated flood risk management
4c. Drought risk management
4d. Climate change and water management

KEY TOPIC 5 Environment and Society
5a. Ecohydraulics in rivers and coasts including hydropeaking
5b. Ecological status and eco-engineering
5c. Plastics and emerging contaminants in waterbodies
5d. Diversity-related aspects in water management
5e. Water education and innovation
5f. Unconventional water resources

KEY TOPIC 6 Urban Water and Water Industry
6a. Urban floods and droughts
6b. Sanitary engineering
6c. Urban sewer and sediment management
6d. Water and mega cities.

KEY TOPIC 7 Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management
7a. Sustainable hydropower, navigation and irrigation
7b. Reservoir management
7c. Hydraulic structures, machinery and capacity
7d. Integrated river and groundwater management

KEY TOPIC 8 Computational and Experimental Methods
8a. Fluid mechanics
8b. Hydroinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
8c. Modern instrumentation and experimental technologies
8d. Hybrid modelling and scale influence
8e. Digital water and big data

Dates: 21-25 August, 2023
Location: Vienna, Austria
Further information: Please see the conference website.

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