ECFAS Co-Evaluation Phase Kicks Off

ECFAS Co-Evaluation Phase Kicks Off

ECFAS Co-Evaluation Phase Kicks Off

This month saw the beginning of the ECFAS co-evaluation process. The purpose is to allow potential end users to evaluate the developments to date in the ECFAS platform and to provide valuable inputs and feedback to improve the system and to provide a products that responds to their needs.

ECFAS testers come from all over Europe: Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom. They come from a range of sectors, from public service, to commercial and academia. The testers work with the ECFAS team to evaluate the platform and co-create solutions that best fit their needs. Inputs from the testers also helps define the Roadmap for future development of ECFAS and its potential integration into existing emergency services, which will be presented in early 2023.

End users are a crucial part in the ECFAS programme and have been involved since the very beginning of the project, through the User’s Board, by participating in the ECFAS webinars, by responding to the survey of users early in the project, or by simply engaging through the various outreach activities of ECFAS over the past two years. Their involvement ensures sustainable co-design, co-development and co-evaluation processes in arriving at a fit for purpose, fully operational ECFAS platform.

If you feel you are a potential ECFAS end user or would simply like to find out more about the ECFAS system and platform, you too can engage by joining the upcoming Workshop, by joining the mailing list, and by following ECFAS on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Find out more about the role of end users and get involved here.

*Photo by Louise Viallesoubranne on Unsplash

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