ECFAS Creates Synergies with CoCliCo

ECFAS Creates Synergies with CoCliCo

ECFAS Creates Synergies with CoCliCo

September 2021 saw the launch of a new project, “Coastal Climate Core Services – CoCliCo“, which aims to develop an open web-platform to aid decision-making on coastal risk. CoCliCo is funded under Horizon 2020, grant agreement ID: 101003598, and will run for four years, ending in August 2025.

The Coastal Climate Core Service (CoCliCo) project aims at informing decision-making on coastal risk and adaptation, by delivering an open web-platform exploring dominant risk drivers, adjusting visualisation and analysis techniques to local decision contexts, and combining relevant and high-quality geospatial information layers.

Through the platform, users will be able to visualize, download and analyse multiple decision-oriented coastal risk scenarios relevant to the rich user narratives of selected Demonstration Case Studies addressing key user needs:

  • Routine identification of coastal territories at risk from inundation,
  • Coastal land use and planning information,
  • Maintaining coastal infrastructure services.

To meet this challenge, CoCliCo brings together European organizations and scholars that have proven track records of delivering broad-scale coastal risk and adaptation assessment, as well as leading research and technologies in interoperable geospatial data management, decision sciences and risk communication.

ECFAS took part in the kick-off meeting, with a presentation from coordinator  Dr. Clara ArmaroliIstituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia, introducing ECFAS and the contribution it hopes to make to coastal resilience and coastal risk management. We plan to build on this cooperation as the two project progress.

You can find out more about CoCliCo via the CORDIS website.

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