ECFAS Featured in Agenda 17 Magazine

ECFAS Featured in Agenda 17 Magazine

ECFAS Featured in Agenda 17 Magazine

Agenda 17 is the webmagazine of the Design of Science Laboratory of the University of Ferrara, in collaboration with the Master in Journalism and institutional communication of science and with the Press Office, institutional and digital communication of the University of Ferrara.

Agenda 17 recently featured an article about the ECFAS project, including an interview with ECFAS’ Prof. Paolo Ciavola, Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca/University of Ferrara.

The article explores the extreme weather events that have become more powerful and more frequent worldwide. It looks to the causes of these storms and the extensive damage they have caused. It especially look at the balance between extreme storm events with high rainfall, interspersed with periods of drought, and in some cases, growing desertification.

Prof. Ciavola describes ECFAS as an important tool in the early detection of potentially hazardous events. Early warning systems can help citizens, local authorities and other stakeholders to be better prepared for damaging storms and to better deal with climate change in general. They can also help significantly in the recovery process after an extreme storm event has occurred.

You can check out the full article (Italian) here.

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