ECFAS Featured in Horizon Magazine

ECFAS Featured in Horizon Magazine

ECFAS Featured in Horizon Magazine

Horizon – the EU Research and Innovation Magazine published an article on coastal resilience to storms under the Environment/Policy theme. This article examining how extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and how Europe’s coastal cities are particularly vulnerable.

ECFAS´ coordinator, Dr. Clara Armaroli, IUSS, Pavia, Italy, contributed to the article, describing how ECFAS’ early warning system has the potential to contribute to coastal resilience in the face of frequent and intense storms.

‘The vulnerability and exposure of our coastal areas are also increasing due to erosion, which is narrowing the boundary between the land and the sea,’ said Dr Armaroli.

Another contributor to the article was Dr Salem Gharbia, Atlantic Technological University, Ireland, coordinator of the SCORE project. The international SCORE team is working towards greater resilience for coastal cities in the face of sea level rise.

‘The main idea behind the concept is that we have coastal cities learning from each other,’ Dr. Gharbia.

You can read the full article in August’s edition of Horizon Magazine, here.

*Photo by James Peacock, Unsplash.

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