Quand la Mer Menace les Villes

Quand la Mer Menace les Villes

Quand la Mer Menace les Villes

ECFAS featured in Science Grand Format this week on the French TV station France 5. Dr. Angélique Melet and her team from Mercator Ocean International contributed their expertise to the gripping documentary exploring the impact of rising sea level on some of the worlds most vulnerable cities: New York, Singapore, and Rotterdam.

With over 800 million people are affected by rising sea levels worldwide, coastal megacities are now in a predicament. This programme joins engineers, architects, geographers and biologists in a race against time to protect those cities from worsening and more frequent devastating storms, torrential rains, rising seas and erosion.

Angelique was the Scientific Advisor for the show, which aired on 10 November 2022. In ECFAS, her team was responsible for modelling total water levels, as well as hindcasting and forecasting water levels during storm events, evaluating flood thresholds and flood triggering events. You can find out more about this work here.

You can find out more about Quand la Mer Menace les Villes here.

The video is available for viewing here.

Angelique was also invited to take part in a radio broadcast in support of the documentary at France’s FranceInter, Radio France radio station on 10 November 2022. There she joined the director of the documentary, Laurence Thiriat, and Lisa Devignol, climate change expert, to discuss the impacts and solutions to climate change.

You can listen to the broadcast again here.

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