ECFAS Warning

ECFAS-Warning is an awareness system for coastal areas, following the framework and technical requirements of CEMS EFAS, to facilitate its full integration with existing services. 

Early Warning Systems (EWSs) perform a critical role in the flood risk cycle, supporting the preparedness and response phases, including the deployment of emergency measures for rapid response after a disaster, as well as longer term damage assessment after the occurrence of an event.

At present the early warning component of Copernicus Emergency Management Services (CEMS) focuses on river floods only and does not include early warnings for coastal areas. Currently there is no storm surge model inbuilt in the system.

ECFAS-Warning includes:

  • Detailed LU/LC typologies of the coastal area (CZ mapping) and elevation datasets (Digital Elevation Model, DEM);
  • Soil characteristics (to take into account roughness, infiltration) for modelling the inundation of landward areas;
  • Wave energy and storm total water levels (TWLs) that are able to generate flooding (storm hazard);
  • Available in-situ data (waves, tides, etc.);
  • Remotely sensed waves and sea levels (Radar Altimetry products).

You can find out more about ECFAS Warning System through its Hindcasts and Forecasts of Coastal Flooding Triggers and Implementation, Mapping Products and Impact Assessment.