End Users and their Requirements

D2.1 User inventory and engagement. – Download it here from Zenodo.*
The deliverable includes the inventory of private and public stakeholders identified as potential users of ECFAS. It includes 1) an Excel file with the relevant information on the engaged users (type of organisation, country, etc.); 2) an accompanying report with statistics in relation to the geographical distribution, type of organisation, main topic of relevance for the users according to the interaction during the first ECFAS webinar (12 May 2021). It details the initial engagement process and method, including rate of response and distribution of participation among different sectors and geographical location. It also reports on the identification and engagement of critical end-users and beneficiaries (e.g., national and Local and Regional Authorities – LRAs) responsible for the development/implementation of regional policies, regulations and guidelines.
D2.2 Coastal climate resilience: review of policies and regulations. – Download it here from Zenodo.*
Deliverable D.2.2 provides an analytical overview of the fast evolving international and European policy and legislation frameworks pertaining to the assessment and reduction of coastal flood risk in the EU. International policies and Agreements to which EU Member States adhere to, such as the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction – SFDRR 2015–2030 and the 2015 Paris Agreement, are considered together with relevant EU policies/plans for DRR, Climate Change Adaptation and ‘blue growth’ and legislation (e.g., the 2021 EU Climate Law and pertinent EU Directives), Relevant national legislation for select Member States is also reviewed. The product consists of a report.
D2.3 Users’ requirement report. – Due end 2022.
D2.4 Final report on users’ needs and requirements: Regulation vs. needs and technical specifications. – Due end 2022.

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