Implementation, Mapping Products and Impact Assessment

D5.1 Database of extreme events, test cases selection and available data.Download it here from Zenodo.*
Deliverable 5.1 is a comprehensive inventory of extreme coastal events that produced flooding at different locations along the European coastline. It includes the collection and identification of events, locations and available information on the test cases.
The purpose of the ECFAS database is to provide a source of information on extreme coastal events and locations that experienced coastal flooding, considering both hazard and impact aspects. Thus, the database collects events, sites and available information to support further investigation on specific test cases. Test cases are defined here as specific sites where an extreme event that generated flooding and damage occurred. The time frame considered for the analysis is between 2010 and 2020 in order to use recent satellite imagery with good resolution and including, if possible, overlap with Sentinel missions.
The product includes three files: 1) an Excel file with the inventory; 2) an accompanying report that includes the guidelines to use the inventory, other relevant information on the method used to implement the inventory and the sources of information; 3) the test cases polygons in .geojson format.
D5.2 Validated LISFLOOD-FP model for coastal areas. Download it here from Zenodo.*
The deliverable is composed of a technical report and a compressed directory with Matlab routines ready for pre/post processing using the LISFLOOD-FP model. Both products were developed under Task 5.2 – Flood modelling: calibration and validation of flood model and Deliverable 5.2 – Validated LISFLOOD-FP model for coastal areas
D5.3 Algorithms for impact assessment. Download it here from Zenodo.*
The ECFAS Impact Tool is composed of a compressed directory with MATLAB 2021b scripts, a compiled version (Windows 10) of the code and a technical document. All products were implemented under Task 5.3 – Selection and verification of the impact assessment method and represent the Deliverable 5.3 – Algorithms for impact assessment.
The ECFAS Impact Tool performs a comprehensive analysis of the impacts generated by coastal inundation by
assessing the affected population, the damage to buildings, roads and railways and the exposure of a variety of other assets (e.g. agriculture, points of interest, etc.). The source code (MATLAB 2021b) is provided along with a Windows stand-alone executable. The user can reproduce the impact assessment for the ECFAS test cases, and for user-defined study cases, providing the proper input.
D5.4 Pan-EU flood maps catalogue. Download it here from Zenodo.*
The ECFAS Pan-EU Impact Catalogue collects impact layers associated to the flood scenarios contained in the ECFAS Pan-EU Flood Catalogue. To produce the Flood Catalogue, the coast was divided into geographic regions embracing similar oceanographic conditions, and subsequently into coastal sectors. The coastal sectors can be identified by its region index RXXX and its own index CSYYY. Impacts associated to the flood maps were calculated following the approach described in the technical document of the ECFAS Deliverable 5.3 Algorithms for Impact Assessment (ECFAS Impact Tool; Duo et al., 2021). The ECFAS Impact Tool was adapted to assess the affected population, the damage to buildings, roads and railways and the exposure of a variety of other assets (e.g. agriculture, points of interest, etc.) for the flood scenarios included in the ECFAS Flood Catalogue.
D5.5 Mapping products.Download it here from Zenodo.*
The deliverable includes a document and a compressed directory with ready-to-print maps, the associated geospatial datasets and symbology files. All products were developed under Task 5.5 – Mapping products.
The document reports on the activities conducted during Task 5.5 – Mapping products that aimed at demonstrating the added value of the ECFAS products and propose adequate representation for communication and integration into the Copernicus Emergency Management Services. Five Demonstration cases, corresponding each to one recent coastal event and one location, were selected to highlight the ECFAS products resulting of the coastal Flood, Impacts and Shoreline position tools developed previously during the ECFAS activities. The Mapping products prepared for each demonstration case are provided along the document in cartographic formats (ready-to-print maps), along with the symbology files and geospatial datasets that were used to create the products.

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