Implementation, Mapping Products and Impact Assessment

D5.1 Database of extreme events, test cases selection and available data.Download it here from Zenodo.*
D5.2 Validated LISFLOOD-FP model for coastal areas. Download it here from Zenodo.*
The deliverable is composed of a technical report and a compressed directory with Matlab routines ready for pre/post processing using the LISFLOOD-FP model. Both products were developed under Task 5.2 – Flood modelling: calibration and validation of flood model and Deliverable 5.2 – Validated LISFLOOD-FP model for coastal areas
D5.3 Algorithms for impact assessment. Download it here from Zenodo.*
The ECFAS Impact Tool is composed of a compressed directory with MATLAB 2021b scripts, a compiled version (Windows 10) of the code and a technical document. All products were implemented under Task 5.3 – Selection and verification of the impact assessment method and represent the Deliverable 5.3 – Algorithms for impact assessment.
The ECFAS Impact Tool performs a comprehensive analysis of the impacts generated by coastal inundation by
assessing the affected population, the damage to buildings, roads and railways and the exposure of a variety of other assets (e.g. agriculture, points of interest, etc.). The source code (MATLAB 2021b) is provided along with a Windows stand-alone executable. The user can reproduce the impact assessment for the ECFAS test cases, and for user-defined study cases, providing the proper input.
D5.4 Pan-EU flood maps catalogue. – Due autumn 2022.
D5.5 Mapping products. – Due early 2023.

*Zenodo content is currently restricted and will be made publicly available as soon as possible.