ECFAS E-Learning Modules

ECFAS is committed to capacity building among its potential users; this means training.

While the project has offered training opportunities for some upcoming early-career researchers, and a workshop open to a wide audience of end users, we cannot personally connect with all our end users during the course of the project.

Instead, we are developing a series of e-learning modules that will support independent learning, providing a background to the science that has built the ECFAS proof-of-concept system.

These e-learning modules will be available in late 2022, so watch this space…

E-Learning Modules (currently under development)
Navigating Policy and Regulations
Introduction to Coastal Dataset and data extraction
Introduction to shoreline extraction theory and SAET
Forecast and hindcast of marine storms for coastal flood management
Thresholds of TWL for triggering coastal flooding
Pan-EU flood maps catalogue
Mapping Products for Coasts
Flood modelling (LISFLOOD)
Impact modelling
Introduction to ECFAS platform