Guide 01: Computation of Total Water Levels and Identification of Thresholds

Maialen Irazoqui, Angelique Melet, Tomás Fernández-Montblanc, Juan Montes Pérez, Paolo Ciavola, & Clara Armaroli. (2022). Guide 01: computation of total water levels and identification of thresholds, ECFAS project (GA 101004211), (Version 1). Zenodo.

GUIDE 01: COMPUTATION OF TOTAL WATER LEVELS and IDENTIFICATION OF THRESHOLDS includes a brief description of the methods developed in the ECFAS project to (i) provide pan-European validated operational forecasts of coastal Total Water Levels (TWL) at the coast and to (ii) provide thresholds of TWL that can trigger coastal flood mapping and that were used to produce the pan-EU flood and impact catalogues (see GUIDE 02: FLOOD AND IMPACT MAPS).