Guide 02: Flood and Impact Maps

Enrico Duo, Marine Le Gal, Tomás Fernández-Montblanc, Juan Montes Pérez, Dionysis Grigoriadis, & Clara Armaroli. (2022). Guide 02: flood and impact maps, ECFAS project (GA 101004211), (Version 1). Zenodo.

GUIDE 02: FLOOD AND IMPACT MAPS includes a brief description of the methods developed in the ECFAS project to (i) calibrate and validate the flood model LISFLOOD-FP (Bates & De Roo, 2000), (ii) Producing modelled flood maps along flood-prone areas at EU level and to produce a flood catalogue; (iii) Select and verify the impact assessment method; (iv) Produce impact layers at pan-EU level.