Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS), France

CLS is a subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES) and CNP, is a world leader in satellite services for environmental monitoring. With headquarters in Toulouse and 12 companies and offices spread over 30 sites worldwide, CLS specializes in delivering institutional and commercial satellite-based services to institutions, public authorities and commercial operators on a global scale. 


CLS leads WP6 in the development of proof-of-concept of Integration into CEMS. It also contributes substantially to WP2 in the identification of users’ requirements, to WP4 with satellite altimetry data expertise and specific product delivery, and finally to WP5 in the calibration and validation of flood modelling, the selection and verification of the impact assessment method as well as the mapping products to be proposed to future users of ECFAS module.

Team Leader

Nicolas Granier is a software architect and project manager. He is responsible for the data management activities of CLS. He is in charge of several projects (CMEMS-Dissemination Unit , ODYSSEA, WEKEO, NEXTGEOSS, …) for the integration of data processing and dissemination platforms in the cloud, for European Commission, ESA and EUMETSAT