Safe Greece 2021 Online

Safe Greece 2021 Online

Safe Greece 2021 Online

The aim of the Safe Greece conference was to introduce and utilize new technologies for the benefit of Civil Protection at international, national, regional and local levels. The annual conference has been organised since 2014, at different locations in Greece.

Safe Greece 2021 is the eighth edition of the of the conference and the second to be held online, from 24 to 26 November.

The “8th International Conference on Civil Protection and New Technologies – Safe Greece 2021” brings together people from Science and Technology, Local Governments and Central Administrations, the Private Sector and Voluntary Organizations from Greece and abroad aiming to:

  • strengthen interdisciplinarity and cooperation in Civil Protection, as times demand,
  • utilize various new technological achievements for the benefit of Civil Protection,
  • exchange of experience, lessons learned and good practices,
  • discuss on contemporary challenges about Civil Protection

This year, giving special importance to the dissemination of knowledge, the conference offers events fully open to society and workshops especially for Local Government Civil Protection officers.

ECFAS contributed to the conference with a presentation by Dr. Emmanouela Ieronymidi, Planetek Hellas, on Friday 26th November. Emmanouela showed how ECFAS can contribute to a safer Greece in planning for, dealing with and recovering from severe coastal flooding.

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