Climate Data Value Chain Webinar

Climate Data Value Chain Webinar

Climate Data Value Chain Webinar

The Copernicus Support Office is pleased to announce its series of webinars dedicated to showcasing Copernicus, its uses and benefits. The first in the series, “Exploiting the full climate data value chain”, will take place on 26 April 2022 at 12:00 CET. The aim of the webinar is to understand the status and evolution of climate data and information that Copernicus acquires and makes available and highlight how organisations and individuals alike can take advantage of these in response to climate change.

During webinar, you will hear from ECMWF, the entrusted entity in charge of delivering the Copernicus Climate Change Service, and three companies (Lobelia, Predictia, Climate Scale) showcase how they use climate data and information throughout their product value chain and how it benefits their work.

Stay tuned! Details to register for this free webinar will be published on Tuesday, 19 April 2022.

Date: 26 April 2022

Location: Online

Further information: For further information, please see the Copernicus Events Page.

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