Earth Technology Expo 2021

Earth Technology Expo 2021

Earth Technology Expo 2021

Earth Technology Expo was one of the first and most complete exhibitions of the technological applications under development and of the innovation envisaged and present in the guidelines of the Next Generation EU. These include applications for climate, surveillance from space, 5G technology, prevention and control of natural risks, emergency management, energy, environment, sea, water, smart city, infrastructure, mobility, work, agriculture and agritech, circular economy, telemedicine and medicine 4.0, smart working and distance learning, and scientific research.

The Expo covered the following themes:

  • Infrastructure technologies,
  • Climate scenarios,
  • Water and environmental technologies,
  • Technologies for new energies,
  • Smart city technologies,
  • Aerospace technology,
  • Technologies for civil protection and post-emergency reconstruction,
  • Emerging technologies in 4IR.

ECFAS took part in the Expo with a presentation by coordinator, Dr. Clara Armaroli, Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia, entitled, “H2020 – ECFAS- European Copernicus Coastal Flood Awareness System.”

You can find out more about the event from the Expo website.

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