ECFAS at EGU General Assembly 2022

ECFAS at EGU General Assembly 2022

ECFAS at EGU General Assembly 2022

The EGU General Assembly 2022 brought together geoscientists from all over the world for one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. The EGU aimed to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career scientists, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

The last two General Assemblies, Sharing Geoscience Online in 2020 and vEGU21: Gather Online, were organized as virtual meetings due to the Covid-related restrictions. In 2022, the EGU provided an on-site experience again for those attending in-person, while at the same time introducing new concepts to include virtual attendees as much as possible. The EGU General Assembly 2022 (EGU22) was a conference with a virtual component where everybody was welcome, in person or online! EGU created a flexible conference programme, giving everyone the opportunity to more easily adapt to the uncertain global context.

ECFAS had a strong presence at EGU2022, with six contributions:

EGU22-5729 | Presentations | OS4.8 | Highlight European Coastal Flood Awareness System (ECFAS): forecasting extreme coastal water-levels at European scale
Maialen Irazoqui Apecechea, Angélique Melet, Clara Armaroli, Paolo Ciavola, and Tomas Fernandez Montblanc
Tue, 24 May, 13:58–14:05   Room N2

EGU22-9832 | Presentations | HS4.4 A flood map catalogue for integration into aEuropean flood awareness system (ECFAS)
Marine Le Gal, Tomás Fernández-Montblanc, Juan Montes Perez, Paola Emilia Souto Ceccon, Enrico Duo, Véra Gastal, Sébastien Delbour, and Paolo Ciavola
Thu, 26 May, 14:37–14:44   Room 2.44

EGU22-9848 | Presentations | NH9.4 | Highlight A new European coastal storm impact database of resources: the ECFAS effort
Paola Emilia Souto Ceccon, Enrico Duo, Tomàs Fernàndez Montblanc, Juan Montes Pérez, Paolo Ciavola, and Clara Armaroli
Fri, 27 May, 11:32–11:39   Room 1.61/62

EGU22-11295 | Presentations | NH9.4 Evaluating coastal flood impacts at the EU-scale: the ECFAS approach
Juan Montes, Enrico Duo, Paola Souto, Véra Gastal, Dionysis Grigoriadis, Marine Le Gal, Tomás Fernández-Montblanc, Sebastien Delbour, Emmanouela Ieronymidi, Clara Armaroli, and Paolo Ciavola
Fri, 27 May, 14:37–14:47   Room 1.61/62

EGU22-9857 | Presentations | NH6.3SAET: a new tool for automatic shoreline extraction with subpixel accuracy for characterising shoreline changes linked to coastal storms
Jesús Palomar-Vázquez, Jaime Almonacid-Caballer, Carlos Cabezas-Rabadán, and Josep E. Pardo-Pascual
Fri, 27 May, 15:10–15:16   Room 1.31/32

EGU22-9856 | Presentations | NH6.3Satellite-derived shorelines extracted using SAET for characterizing the effect of Storm Gloria in the Ebro Delta (W Mediterranean)
Josep E. Pardo-Pascual, Carlos Cabezas-Rabadán, Jesús Palomar-Vázquez, Alfonso Fernández-Sarría, Jaime Almonacid-Caballer, Paola Emilia Souto-Ceccon, Juan Montes, Clara Armaroli, and Paolo Ciavola
Fri, 27 May, 15:16–15:22   Room 1.31/32

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