ECFAS Featured in Copernicus Observer

ECFAS Featured in Copernicus Observer

ECFAS Featured in Copernicus Observer

The October 13th edition of the Copernicus Observer was dedicated to ECFAS – Europe’s Coastal Flood Awareness System proof-of-concept, whose development will soon be concluded.

The Observer describes in great detail the risk posed to European coastal regions facing threats from coastal flooding and its potential to cause catastrophic damage to infrastructures, investments and event human life and livelihoods.

ECFAS, a potential new addition to the CEMS emergency management services, offers solutions based wholly on users requirements, and users have been part of the co-development of ECFAS from the very beginning.

The Observer explores the various components of ECFAS, from early warning to hazard impacts, and mapping products.

You can read the full article here: OBSERVER: Towards a European Copernicus Coastal Flood Awareness System: the ECFAS project.

If you are keen to see ECFAS in action, sign up for our special End Users’ Workshop, taking place in November, 2022.

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